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Tawtheeq Agreement

I have original tawtheeq 2017-18, username and password, addc letter and current contract. Hello, my employer provided me with accommodation when I arrived two years ago. I had a Tawtheeq that expired in December 2016, but no one was informed. I went to renew my tawtheeq March 2018, but I was told that the lease would be renegotiated at the end of May 2018. I re-signed all the tawtheeq documents in March 2018 and was told that my employer would sign and fire. But I didn`t receive anything and I think a new lease was negotiated by my employer. I will leave the country forever in July. Can I add my addc, water, etc. Close anyway if I don`t have a valid tawtheeq? Will it cause problems? I need to cancel my Emirates Id in 10 days, so I think I should have the Tawtheeq before? Please advise – thank you hello what happens, if a real state councillor takes 3500 aed for the tawtheeq tax, is it justified?.

Hello RM, I am a tenant of an apartment. I would like to know the costs for the tawtheeq registration, since I am doing the trial. thnx In the agreement we clearly set out the obligations of the tenant and the owner. The list of rules and the requirement must be reciprocal. The start date and end date of the rent are clearly indicated. The most important thing is to give each of them a copy of the agreement separately. It`s best if we start looking for the property a month or three weeks ago before moving to Abu Dhabi. If you start looking early, it would be easy for you to choose the right property and get the landlord`s lease.

Hello, my baby visa has been sponsored under the tawtheeq. If the tawtheeq contract is concluded, will my baby visa be cancelled? Please tell me. I am sorry to hear that. You can contact the Abu Dhabi Municipality call center at 80022220 or email tawtheeq@adm.abudhabi.ae for advice on how best to receive it. My boss wants to rent an apartment for 10 months, is it possible to have a Tawtheeq? And is it possible to get a contract with the owner for only 10 months? Is there a minimum contract over the years to acquire the tawtheeq app? Please, advice? Lease agreements between landlords and tenants must be registered by the competent authority in each emirate. The registration of rental contracts is mandatory to connect the necessary services for the rented property. These include water, electricity and gas and telecommunications services. If we have registered the Tawtheeq of a property (Oct 2017-October 2018), should we ask again for the next rental? Is there a tawtheeq extension or a new app? Hello, I bought an apartment in the island of the marina Al Reem, which will be rented until the end of August 2018 by the previous owner. If I wish to renew the contract with the same tenant, then (1) I request the deed of ownership according to the new law.

(2) what is needed to rent the apartment under my name and from where can I get a house management contract. (3) Can I enter into a lease directly with the tenant without the participation of a broker and request Tawtheeq….