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Amazon Our Agreements With The Content Provider

Last night, many of my films, including two that had just passed a review of them, were withdrawn, but this time they were withdrawn without the possibility of attempting a new release or a new vocation. h. Limitation of Liability. Without limitation of the warranty and limitation of liability in Amazon`s Terms of Use of your video marketplace (set forth herein): (i) In no event shall the aggregate liability of our software license provider(s) exceed you in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00 USD) for all damages arising out of or in connection with your use of or inability to use the Software; and (ii) in no event shall the aggregate liability of our digital content provider(s) exceed you for any damages resulting from your use of the Service, digital content, information, materials or products contained on the Service or that are made available to you through the Service, the amount you paid us on purchase within the last 12 months, to rent or view the digital content related to your claim for damages. The restrictions in this section apply to you even if the appeals do not serve their primary purpose. (c) access to audiovisual content through one or more subscription offers for which a royalty must be paid (except in the case of a free trial version), for private display repeated by subscribers over the lifetime (“non-transactional access”) that, through (i) a subscription offer with an Amazon brand or an Amazon partner, including the subscription offer; which, at the time of this Agreement, is known as Amazon Prime, Prime Video or a successor (“Prime Subscription Access”) or (ii) a subscription offer of your content, as compiled by you or us, that may or may not be contained by other content providers (“Non-Prime Subscription Access”); and c. Subscriptions/Subscriptions. Subscription offers and prices (sometimes referred to as subscriptions), subscription services, the scope of content available by subscription, and the specific titles available through subscription services may change over time and after location without notice (unless this is necessary under applicable law). Unless otherwise stated, price changes will be effective from the beginning of the next subscription period. If you do not agree to change your subscription, you may terminate your subscription in accordance with Section 4(d) below….