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1031 Exchange Escrow Account Agreement

List Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC as a seller or buyer on the final billing statement and, if applicable, the fiduciary instructions. Acceptable language would be as follows: As soon as the qualified intermediary receives a copy of the contract for the purchase of the replacement property, the necessary assignment of order, notification of the assignment and instructions to the resolution body/lawyer can be prepared. Prior to settlement, the qualified intermediary transferred the Exchange Escrow Funds to the settlement agent/lawyer. Qualified intermediaries are responsible for (1) the preparation of the 1031 exchange contracts and related documents; and (2) hold, secure and invest the 1031 stock exchange funds during exchange transactions of the same type; and (3) the coordination of all deferred exchange transactions; and (4) maintain the deferred exchange in accordance with all applicable 1031 foreign exchange tax laws, rules and advance rulings. SALES CONTRACT: Enter into an “unreasonable” contract for the sale of abandoned property with 1031 exchange Cooperation Language (i) In general. Except as provided in subsection (b) (4) (ii) of this Section, transaction fees are transaction items within the meaning of section 1.1031(k)-1(g)(7)(ii). COMPLETION: If all means of exchange are used for the acquisition of the replacement property or real estate and all replacement requirements are met, the exchange is completed. (A) The amount of the fee due to the exchange intermediary shall be fixed on the day or before the date of the transfer of the goods transferred by the taxable person (either by indicating the fee as a fixed amount in dollars in the agreement or by determining the fee by a formula the result of which is known at or before the transfer of the assets transferred by the taxable person); and (1) means of exchange that are generally treated as loans to a grant intermediary. With the exception of the information referred to in point (c)(2) of this Section, the currency of exchange shall be treated as a loan from a taxable person to a foreign exchange intermediary (exchange loan). Where a transaction is treated as an exchange loan by mutual agreement in accordance with this paragraph (c) (1), the exchange intermediary shall take into account all items of income, deduction and credit attributable to the stock exchange fund (including capital gains and losses). See § 1.7872-16 for the purpose of determining whether an exchange loan is a loan within the meaning of paragraphs 7872 and 7872 and 1.7872-5(b)(16) for the purpose of determining whether an exchange loan is excluded from section 7872.

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