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E2 Visa Escrow Agreement

You don`t need to hire American workers. But, you know, you have to have employees and projected employee growth. And it`s an important reflection in an E-2 visa application and a plan to hire U.S. employees to show that the company is more than marginal. Again, the consular officer wants to see your business plan, they want to see growth, they want to see that you hire American workers. If there is no plan to hire someone and expand the business, you probably won`t get the visa. You know, that`s one of the important things for the Trump administration, there`s this memo called Buy American, Hire American. So if you can show that you`re going, you know, employ American workers, then, you know, it`s almost a must, at this point to show that the investment will be more than marginal. And, you know, during the first period of stay, you want to be able to manage the financial data of the company, because if you have to go back for renewal, you want to show the consular officer that the business plan you gave them was actually respected, that you are not, you know, in the same place that you were when you first started the franchise.

Andy and Adri have deposited the investment funds into a trust account for a business purchase So there is another issue where one of the associated countries of one country under another person is not just the contracting person will be available to obtain the E-2 visa. Yes, that`s right. You must be a member of a contracting country in order to apply for the E-2 visa. Spouses are allowed to work. However, it is probably advisable to apply for a work permit that may take a few months. Children under the age of 21 can study, but unfortunately cannot work under the “E2 contract” category for investor visas. Children who have reached the age of 21 under the E2 visa status must find another visa category to remain in the United States. That the principal investor and all other E2 visa agents must be able and willing to leave the United States at the end of their E2 visa status, given that E2 is a class of immigrant-free visas. However, the E2 investor visa may be renewed indefinitely.

In reality, you should have committed 75-85% of the total investment for the purchase and creation of the business in most cases (funds deposited in a trust account). If the purchase price is marginally up to $100,000, the total amount must be committed. I will certainly propose concrete directions on a case-by-case basis. Braner: We are starting to talk to an immigration lawyer to see what would be the best way to proceed. He advised that the E-2 visa be a good option. For investors who do not wish to invest at least $900,000 in the EB5 Investor Green Card Program, the E2 Investor Visa category (or possibly the L1 visa) is worth considering.