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Trade Facilitation Agreement Adalah

Notification, notification, notification: Developing and least developed countries that are willing to bear in mind the specific and differentiated provisions of the CPA must meet the implementation notification requirements set out in the agreement. These notifications shall be part of the agreement. Developing countries cannot expect to benefit from these flexibilities if they do not respect their part of the agreement. Ratify – the sooner the better: the developing countries that ratify the agreement in the coming months (hopefully not in the year) have already missed some critical deadlines that will prevent them from making maximum use of the TFA`s specific and differential treatment rules. Traders in developing and developed countries have long pointed to the enormous “bureaucracy” that still weighs on cross-border trade and that weighs particularly heavily on small and medium-sized enterprises. Many African nations are wondering how this agreement can benefit them not only for international trade, but also for interregional trade. [7] As a result, many developing countries are still not in a position to fully commit to ratifying this agreement. The industrialized countries have been able to commit themselves to the agreement because they are able to meet its requirements. However, many nations, such as India and China, have committed to only 70-75% of the measures in trade facilitation agreements. .