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Donor Agreements

If the acquisition is not concluded on a specified date or before a given date, the amount of the donation deposited by the donor under this Agreement shall be reimbursed to the donor. The donation is not recognized as received by the doped, unless the donor waives in writing a right to reimbursement of the donation, either under this agreement or otherwise under the legislation in force. We recommend to anyone considering using a known sperm donor who is considering entering into a donor agreement. The above information contains only general principles and it is extremely important that anyone considering this type of agreement should have recourse to individual legal advice tailored to their situation. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact a member of our family team. The gift agreement gives both parties the opportunity to discuss these goals, to know to what extent the organization assumes an obligation to promote these goals, and under what circumstances the landowner may withdraw if it is not met. . . .