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Pendo Data Processing Agreement

Pendo has been designed for uninterrupted operating times and business scales that handle millions of events per hour and billions per day without loss of performance. A subcontractor is a third-party data processor mandated by Zendesk, including Zendesk Group companies, that can access or process service data (which may contain personal data). Zendesk engages in different types of subprocessors to perform different functions, as explained in the following tables. Pendo stores all customer data as long as you are an active subscriber. All data will be deleted from Pendo from 90 days after a subscription is cancelled. Pendo customers may require that certain datasets from their data be deleted based on a request from a person subject to this data. For withdrawn records, there may be an additional fee depending on the level of the plan. According to the Data Protection Authority, within 30 days of the update of this directive, a subscriber may object in writing to the processing of his personal data by a new subprocessor, and this objection must describe the legitimate reason for the subscriber`s opposition. If the subscriber is not contradicted during this period, the new subcontractor is considered presumed. Many of the features of our websites and services are socially designed and allow you to publicly share information about yourself and your activities. We do not sell or pass on your personal data to third parties, except as described above and as described above: with your consent, z.B. if you agree that we will pass on your data to third parties for own marketing purposes, subject to their own privacy policy; with third-party providers, consultants and other service providers who work on our behalf and need access to your data to do their work for us; (i) comply with laws or respond to legal requests and court proceedings, (ii) protect Pendo`s rights and property, protect our agents, customers and others, including to enforce our agreements, policies and terms of use or (iii) in such treatment may refer to agreements reached between us as service providers and yourself to provide services through us as service providers and intermediaries, on compliance with laws, regulations and policies, KYC (know-your-client) procedures, business and business management modes, including business development, account management, internal financial information, computer and/or business processing, legal diligence or disclosure of information to clients , banks, lawyers or other people who can offer services to you, to international organisations, whether in the Republic of Cyprus or in other European Union countries or in other European Union countries or other third countries. Limited license.

By sending, transferring, distributing, downloading or publishing information, data, text, other login information, material and other content via the service, you will be conceding this content to Pendo for the purpose of providing the service. Although there is no third-party-verified RGPD compliance certification, Pendo is committed to acting in accordance with RGPD rules for all our users, not just those in the EU. We work with our clients to ensure the privacy and security of their data and customers, and we have implemented a number of changes to data collection, access and retention policies. For more information about our RGPD support, see this article. CLIENTS: By providing us with your bank card, debit or other payment information, you allow us to use it and pass it on to our payment providers for the processing of the payments you authorize on the payment service.