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Netherlands Open Access Agreement

The vouchers can be used to publish an open article in all of Emerald`s fully open hybrid and magazines in addition to the Emerald Open search platform. The Open Access publication agreement will come into effect in 2019 and 2020 for approximately 322 OUP hybrid magazines. The agreement also includes access to more than 2,200 Springer subscription magazines, at no additional cost to readers and users associated with an eligible affiliate of VSNU-KNAW. This contract reveals the Wiley Online Journals License. See also the “Change the wiley agreement online” contract for 2020. Open up to open access! For researchers, an open-access journal browser has been developed, which allows researchers to check which journals offer open access options, with current regulations. Information about this log browser, the latest update of the negotiations, the number of articles published in the Open Access, is published on the website openaccess.nl, published by UKB, NWO, Surf and VSNU. Dutch students can publish open access as a corresponding author in 150 selected journals. You will be automatically informed by SAGE based on your email. The university`s domain name must be included in the email. The press release contains an open access license form. After receiving a completed form, the article with a CC.BY.3.0 license is published in SAGE. Authors from three universities can publish Open Access for free in 64 magazines of this publishing house.

A series of changes in the company, in science and in the world as a whole, brought the publisher closer to the decision to open access. An agreement between Taylor-Francis and VSNU (a group of 14 Dutch research organisations) means that Dutch researchers can publish their papers at no cost to themselves. After publication, these articles will be available to everyone everywhere. An overview of the agreements between Dutch university libraries and traditional university publishers with an open access element from 2015. For each publisher, the number of open access publications is added. The introduction of the Internet has radically changed the possibilities for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Digitalization allows anyone with Internet access to benefit from new scientific knowledge. Open access aims to make the lessons learned from scientific research (including publicly funded) accessible online to as many people as possible. Dutch universities strongly support open access and have fought in various ways in recent years. The Dutch Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreement, which covers the cost of processing articles (PPC) for a fixed number of items per year, has now reached its maximum item allowance for 2020. This means that the agreement will not cover CPPs for subsequent institutions until 1 January 2021. For more information, see: www.openaccess.nl/en/publisherdeal/springer-nature-2018-2021 or contact: oa.verification@springernature.com.

According to Smits, the Dutch agreement is in line with the principles of Plan S, which cover national reading rights for scientific work in Elsevier`s magazine portfolio and provide access to unlimited access to all members of the consortium. The agreement applies to 52 periodicals for the universities of Leiden, Groningen, Amsterdam (UVA), Eindhoven and Maastricht. In 2020, Emerald will issue 57 open access vouchers to authors from participating Dutch universities. 2020 coupons are sold out. Please check with your OA contact in the library to see if there are other ways to improve the accessibility of your publication. The main research institutes in the Netherlands have signed an open access agreement with the scientific publishing house Elsevier.