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Consumer Protection Agreement

Other states have been at the forefront of some aspects of consumer protection. For example, Florida, Delaware and Minnesota have legal requirements for contracts to be written at reasonable readability levels, as many contracts cannot be understood by most consumers who sign them. [20] In addition, the majority of states have a Ministry of Consumer Affairs, dedicated to regulating certain industries and protecting consumers who use goods and services from those industries. In California, for example, the California Department of Consumer Affairs, through its 40 regulators, regulates about 2.3 million professionals in more than 230 different professions. In addition, California encourages its consumers to act as private lawyers through the liberal provisions of its Consumers Legal Remedies Act. EU consumer protection legislation addresses commercial contractual issues to consumers, such as the right of withdrawal, legal guarantee and abusive contractual clauses. Consumer or consumer law is considered to be a legal area that governs the relationships of private law between individual consumers and the companies that sell these goods and services. Consumer protection covers a wide range of issues, including, but not necessarily, product liability, data protection rights, unfair business practices, fraud, incorrect presentation and other business interactions. It is a way to prevent fraud and fraud from service and sales contracts, justified fraud, billing regulation, pricing, supply cuts, consolidation, personal credits that can lead to bankruptcy. Some arguments have been made that consumer law is also a better way to redistribute completely than tax legislation, because it does not require legislation and can be more effective given the complexity of tax legislation.

[2] – Section 47 of the CPA states that when a supplier does not provide goods or services on an agreed date or on an agreed date due to a lack of inventory or inability to work, must provide the consumer with the same equivalent or equivalent goods or services, or the supplier must reimburse the consumer all amounts paid with interest and incidental costs prescribed for default (unless circumstances are not controlled supplier has not taken appropriate steps to inform the consumer of the inadequacy or inefficiency). Modern Taiwanese legislation has been strongly influenced by European civil law systems, particularly German and Swiss law. Taiwan`s Civil Code contains five books: general principles, duties, rights over things, family and succession. The second book of the code, the Book of Bonds, provided the basis on which consumers could introduce liability actions for products prior to the adoption of the CPL. [8] [9] Section 48 is therefore at odds with the Parol rule, since the CPA provides that the National Consumer Tribunal (NCT) or a competent court hearing a CPA case can go beyond a written agreement to determine whether its conditions are fair, fair or appropriate. In order to adjudicate here, the competent court or the NCT takes into account the circumstances, for example. B (as stated in CPA S 52, paragraph 2) – The buyer is therefore liable if he does not accept the delivery of the goods but the goods were accidentally damaged at the time of the sale of the sale contract. If there have been negotiations between the supplier and the consumer and, if so, their scope; These include CDs, DVDs or software if you have broken the seal on the packaging, perishable items and custom or custom items.